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Evolutionary coaching for Men


The spark of  FireHeart caught flame during one long, snowy winter...

I was blessed with several stands of downed cedar trees—rich with the pulsing blood red of Mother Earth—perfectly seasoned and ready for my chain-saw, ripe for the fire that warmed us every evening.


We have cut trees, built fires, killed and butchered animals, plowed fields, shot guns, carried knives, fought our enemies, protected our families, fought against our oppressors, and stepped into the unknown with courage—for millions of years. Thousands of generations. DNA formed by evolution, passed on from our ancestors. So, here's the thing: “civilized” cultures have had only a few hundred years to evolve beyond this dynamic, and much of the rest of the world is still stuck living a life of survival. We are confused. We know what to do...but what we know doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Women have made their transition much more gracefully—and today, a tribe of truth-seeking evolving women are redefining what it means to be divinely feminine in this fractured world. Women get it, and are not afraid to admit it when they don’t. Men don’t get it.  And when men don’t understand how to be, well, we hide our feelings, get pissed off at most everything, and disappear into work, booze, or behavior that is guaranteed to fuck everything up...marriage in particular, since we play out our stories on the bright stage of relationship. 

Men are sliding backwards down a muddy slope—and the world is crashing along, new atrocities of violence and greed so regularly reported that change seems impossible—too little, too late. We would rather have faster downloads and multi-screens, bigger burgers and on-demand everything. Men are buried in their stories, locked in the cube created by their outdated belief systems—making the same mistakes and wrong choices, the crazy maze constructed by someone else, yet our own personal torture chamber of fear and doubt. 

The important question now—today, tomorrow, and forever—is this: are you ready to step forward and own your life? Face your bullshit with power? Fill your skin, own your life, and create what you dream of for you and your family? 

Change sucks. Stop avoiding it. Look in the mirror. Who do you see?

FireHeart is for men.

Take action.

Change your life.


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"Change is the only constant within the Universe."

—Scott watrous